Special Events

VOCAL Banquet 2007

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The VOCAL Banquet was a great success. VOCAL could not have better friends than Steve and Janice Nuckolls, who opened up their home to us and made everyone feel welcome. It was a great opportunity to see Janice’s creative side. Janice’s creativity is expressed in the visual as an interior decorator and a creator of unique tiled art. Every room was unique and interesting, and the garden area was just as impressive and welcoming. Steve had a special room to display the visual side of music, evident in his use of musical instruments as wall art. Thanks again to Steve and Janice for hosting this year’s banquet, it was a treat to share the evening with you.

After settling in to the festivities, the usual chatting and chow-down happened. We caught up with some friends we hadn’t seen in a while and enjoyed talking about VOCAL or what ever else came to mind. The food included the staples such as fried chicken and ham biscuits, as well as the oriental noodle salad, fresh coleslaw, and a variety of summer salads. Desserts were the oft requested cream puffs and an unbelievable banana bread.

As we convened the business meeting, it was really uplifting to take a moment and see all of the faces that turned out. In the preceding weeks, while the event was organized, we heard from people who had been out of touch for a while, who are interested in knowing what’s going on with VOCAL. I think it’s obvious that even when people can’t be active in VOCAL, they still look to the organization to keep in touch with fellow songwriters and to see what’s going on. There is still a lot of life in VOCAL.

What came out of the business meeting was a decision to move forward with two committees to advise and/or make decisions for VOCAL. A Communications Committee and an Executive Committee will meet to give some direction to the fundamentals that VOCAL needs to focus on, including future course of the regular meetings, development of the web site, expanded communications with the public through MySpace and the use of video. The big theme was to open up communications within the membership and among the general songwriting community.

Presidents awards were not issued at the banquet, but we will see if the committees can decide on how to proceed with nominations and designation of awards. If we can get that worked out, awards will still be issued for 2006/2007 year at a later date.

Towards the end of the meeting it was once again inspiring to have the members volunteer to support VOCAL services. Matthew Costello will work on web development, Glen King is hosting the web site and Russell Lawson will be working on writing for the web. These members along with John Ellis and Steve Nuckolls will participate in activities such as the committee meetings and the usual Board business that will keep VOCAL rolling along. VOCAL can always use extra help, so be on the look out for requests from our committees and board, and remembers that you don’t have to volunteer for a whole year, just a little time at one event can be a big help to those who are organizing.

My apologies if anyone was overlooked in the banquet re-cap, your contributions will not be overlooked and we will be sure to recognize you in the future publications.

Take care and we look forward to seeing you soon!