VOCAL Monthly Meeting

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Monthly Meeting

VOCAL meetings will bring music to your ears and food for your creative soul. Come to the next one. You’ll see (and hear) what we mean.

  • Fellowship and encouragement of other writers
  • The chance to get your own craftsmanship to the “next level”
  • The chance to discover how some of ‘the greats' do it

As a rule, these occur monthly, although the schedule can vary occasionally. The format is fluid, but includes on a regular basis:

  • new song performance and feedback sessions
  • dissections and deconstruction of great songs and songwriter techniques
  • creative block-breaking mental exercises
  • and other songwriting skills such as melody, modulation, harmony, storytelling, rhyming and rhythm.

Occasionally, there will be organizational business to attend to:

  • planning participation in events around the state,
  • special VOCAL banquets or parties, election of officers,
  • and handling of financial chores

Next Meeting


Always the second Monday of the month.
7:30 p.m.


Various - check our Facebook page for details.

Frankly, there’s only one place in the state where you can rely on hanging with the area’s most creative composers and lyricists every time you go: VOCAL meetings. These gatherings of VOCAL members offer a combination of

  • education,
  • discussion,
  • evaluation
  • and fellowship

VOCAL meetings can increase your passion for the work as it deepens your understanding of the craft.

- Russell Lawson