Songwriters Showcase June 2008

VOCAL Showcase #203
June 16, 2008

We gathered at the Tap House Grill for another evening of music by VOCAL members and were treated to an enjoyable evening by three performers.

Norman Roscher opened the Showcase with an original approach he called “Karaoke Norman Music.”  He used pre-recorded tracks for most of the background music and sang in his inimitable style to give us an impressive and enjoyable set.  He went from “Baby Dynamo,” through a 1920s-style song called “Second Fiddle,” and on to “Lotus Earlobe” (a Captain Beefhart homage) to close his set.  Very original and entertaining stuff, as always, from Norman.

Glenda Creamer next did a short set of her songs, featuring some very heartfelt, sentimental, melodic numbers.  “Little Feet,” with “little arms reaching out to hold me” was a very touching close to her set.

Drew Routh closed the evening with a headliner set.  He showed off his fine guitar-playing on these songs.  He began with an up-tempo “Right Now,” and went to a 3/4-time song saying “I hope and I reason, but mostly I pray.”  He then gave us a song that started as a poem and later became a song and went on from there.  Drew featured his original, sometimes folksy, sometimes rock-ballad numbers and went on near the end of his set with a song about his daughter that said “she’s everything I never knew I needed” – a heartfelt and captivating song.

A very fine Showcase upholding our tradition of original music.  You should not miss the next installment in our series of Showcases on July 21 at the Tap House Grill.  Come out and support your fellow members as they give us their best effort.

- Larry Cody