Songwriters Showcase November 2007

November 19, 2007’s Showcase turned the Showcase counter over to #196 – 4 more Showcases and we’ll hit #200!!  And what better way to continue this historic countdown than by adding a new face to the VOCAL line-up and bringing some top notch pickers and singers to the stage.  Darryl Ellyson gave his VOCAL debut performance and Doug Patrick shared a set with The Boarmans.  It’s a shame that the TapHouse was not filled to capacity because many people missed out on a wonderful evening of musicianship and creative songwriting. 

We have a great home for the Showcase at Richbrau’s Taphouse Grill where we have been located for over two years now.  Be sure to join us every 3rd Monday of the month at 1214 East Cary Street for fine food and home brewed beverages!

Darryl Ellyson
Darryl Ellyson was welcomed to the stage by a big VOCAL round of applause.  Darryl is a long time performer who has done a lot of solo songwriting and performing recently.  His voice is powerful and pleasing to the ear.  Most of his songs deal with that topic we can never get too far away from – love and heartache.  His song list included ‘When I Get Home’, ‘What’s Gone Wrong’ and ‘My Sweet Baby’s Leaving Me’.  The song ‘The Way Love Goes’ was described as a ‘cry in your beer song’ and at least one song ‘You Won’t Be Cheatin on Me’ was a lively, more light hearted tune.  Everything else fell within this emotional range.  Thanks to Darryl for a great debut.

After some microphone tweaking and guitar tuning the second set was ready to launch.  The musicianship on display for the second set consisted of the guitar work of Doug Patrick and Jeff Boarman, the mandolin work of Barry Lawson and the vocals of Doug Patrick and Stephanie Boarman.

Doug PatrickDoug sang for the first song ‘New Orleans Nights’, with a line up that included Larry Cody as special guest guitarist and Gary Shaver on clarinet .  Doug continued the vocal duties on ‘Special Place in Heaven’, ‘Make it Work’, ‘Full Time Love’ and ‘One Lone Georgia Pine’.

One of the standout performances of the evening was Stephanie Boarman’s vocals on Doug Patrick’s song ‘Molly’.  Doug sang harmony on this song, which he has performed on previous Showcase performances, but this performance had something unique that the audience really responded to.  The emotion of the song was supported by the added instrumentation of Barry Lawson’s mandolin and Jeff Boarman on autoharp.

Towards the end of the evening, The Boarmans added some levity and musical flare to the evening with ‘Cappuccino Cowboy’, ‘Chief Benge’ and ‘Toast to Sobriety’ – three songs that I always look forward to when they perform.  ‘Chief Benge’ allowed the musicians to highlight their talents on their instruments.  ‘Toast to Sobriety’ is a good bar room song that addresses the fact that sometimes you just got to have a drink and that’s just how it’s going to be!

Jeff Boarman, Stephanie Boarman, Barry Lawson and Doug Patrick - Showcase November 2007 After performing ‘Miner’s Prayer’ and ‘Bury Me in Kentucky’, The Boarmans wrapped up a fine evening with an encore performance of ‘Daddy’s Little Girl’.

Thanks to all of our performers for making the night something special.  Thanks to Larry Cody for the play bills, to John Ellis for running sound and a big thanks to Steve Smithson for sticking around to break down equipment and load up.  We’ll see you next month at the VOCAL Showcase!

- John Ellis