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Watermelon Festival 2007

Watermelon Festival Poster 2007
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The 2007 festival was a day well spent! I met Brooke Saunders who organizes the event and I also met fellow musicians and other friendly, helpful people at the festival. It was a very enjoyable way to spend the day.

The day started off with the addition of a new member Jack Shannon, who assisted with the sound check and filled a gap by playing a couple of songs for me and a few friends. I’d try to give the full introduction here, but I know that I’d leave something out, so we’ll learn more about Jack later. But for now, just know that Jack has joined VOCAL to get that critical opinion from fellow songwriters that we all need in order to grow in our craft. Welcome to VOCAL Jack!

The rest of the day was filled with performances by John Ellis, Marti Hartung, Gerry Laverty, Gary Shaver, Matt Manion, Glendora & Neil Woodard, Zach Artis, and Glenda Creamer. It was a pleasure to share the stage with the broad musical styles and talented people who came out to perform. Thanks to all performers for being ready to play and helping out when a hand was needed.

I want to take a minute to thank my fellow performers for helping out with the sound stage throughout the day of the festival. Marti Hartung helped with sound check, Matt Manion and Gerry Laverty covered the sound board for me while I played an extra set on another stage, Marti and Gerry Laverty each played extended sets to cover a shortage of performers and Matt helped out with other things throughout the day. Glenda Creamer was kind enough to hang around after the show while I packed up. A lot of seemingly little things add up to a lot when you’re trying to manage many things. A big ‘Thank You’ to all of you.

The day was also filled with a friendly wave or a short visit from friends like Susan Greenbaum and Norman Roscher. The VOCAL stage was a great place to meet friends and keep connected.

The only sour note of the day, was that Zack Artis and Glenda Creamer had to battle a high school jazz band that set up an unauthorized performance on the opposite side of the street. The band could have been another block down the road and still overpowered Zack and Glenda. However, Zack and Glenda maintained their professionalism, finishing their sets under tough conditions and I think I’d have to make them the heroes of the day for enduring it. I was unaware that there were people who could have shut down the other act, so my apologies to Zach and Glenda. My thanks goes to them for toughing it out and showing that VOCAL is made up of professionals. As Glenda noted, we can have pride in toughing out the difficult conditions and putting on a good performance.