VOCAL Showcase June 2012

The audience at the June showcase was treated to a fine performance by three of our members. The show started with Ray Brady, a relative newcomer, with his 35-year old song, Big John Brown. A tender acoustic ballad saying you can’t judge a man by the length of his hair. He followed with They Say (it’s better to have loved and lost than to never have loved at all). We Need a Hero is quite appropriate to this day and time – someone to show us the way! Before I Go was written for his wife – he’s created a bucket list of things he’d like to do “before he goes”. Keep People Angry was a clever tune written as a spoof of the Tea Party movement (tear down the EPA, Global Warming’s not real, get rid of Social Security, etc.) Turn Your Head described the situation when your kids turn away from you (“trying to make most of your times good times”).

 Chris Newcomb, a new VOCAL member, then took the stage and delivered some of his fine tunes. River City Rivals was the tale of bickering between different areas of the city, a common them in many cities (were you driving the pickup truck or the Rolls Royce?) Experiencing Imperfections told us about rainstorms of deception and watching perfect go down the drain. Dreams of You make no sense for those who ride the fence. Victoria’s Got a Secret is a great play on words about a barista he sees every day – is she there every day to see him? Mirror Mirror – asks who’s the maiden that will fall for me? I’m Alive and Kicking tells it like it is – seize the day, happy to be alive.

Chris Adams then made his first appearance as a VOCAL showcase headliner, and delivered some finely-crafted tunes. You’re Closer Than You’ve Ever Been talks of cars moving slow on the interstate, is life passing you by? Got your foot on the pedal, but you can’t accelerate. Somebody Like You – heart-wrencher saying I don’t know if I could love somebody after my heart’s been torn in two. You Can’t Get There From Here tells us that you can’t take it with you when you go and “slip between the stars”. I’m Finally Getting Over You mentions some interesting things “left” – “you left your laundry on the floor, I left my number on your phone”. Sweet Magnolia is another love lost story – it’s only a dream, all that’s left of you and me – someday you’ll be coming back to me. Played it by Heart is a really cool upbeat number telling us to stop playing it safe, take a leap of faith. She’s Leaving Tonight: who gets the kids, who gets the castle – we’ll split it all right down the middle (thought I heard a touch of Larry Stewart and Restless Heart there for a minute!) You’re Still Mine had a brush with Nashville commercial success (Little Texas) – I wake up in the middle of the night, thinking everything is alright. Nothing That a Little Love Can’t Figure Out is a peppy and catchy “two pods wrapped up together” feel-good love song. So Far Away From Me tells of one who chased her dreams to California – I’d spend all my tomorrows to keep you here today. You Know What It’s Like is a very memorable gospel number – maybe we don’t need to know all the answers – you see all that goes on down here. What Am I Doing Here (never let the truth get in the way of a good song…). What are the chances of meeting in an airport when one goes to Colorado and the other stays in Virginia? The last time we parted, the same tears flowed down your face! The crowd was on its feet calling for an encore, so Chris delivered yet again with Right Between the Eyes, a tribute to Nashville that only a songwriter can appreciate!

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  1. Steve, Good review except I was making fun of the Tea Party not the Occupy movement. Ray

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