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VOCAL Showcase November 2012

A very talented trio took the stage at the November 2012 VOCAL Songwriters Showcase and played to a large, attentive audience. Eddy Kitchen, Mark Daniel, and Bruce Brockwell brought us the ITR (in-the round) format of swapping songs. The trio co-writes and performs often, which brings a synergy to the group when they are together.

Mark kicked off the show with a troubadour-ish “My Home is Where I Lay My Hat” (like a rolling stone on a railroad track, don’t spend much time looking back). Bruce then delivered “I’m not Sure I Can Find My Way Back” with Mark strumming the mandolin. Eddy then broke out with “We Can Make Out When There’s Nothing Else to Talk About” with Mark playing lead guitar (you can unload everything on me – it’s about time to lay a little loving on me…). Back around to Mark who brought us “If You Were Free”, a West-Texas-feeling song with Bruce playing lead guitar. Bruce then sang “But You Did” with Mark on lead guitar (I took it for granted – you will learn to love again while I’m here picking up the pieces). Eddy then crooned Coronado (how nice it is to wake up in the morning with that special someone next to you, sun peeking in, etc – how lucky I am!). There was some fine musical accompaniment on that number with Gary Shaver on sax, Mark on mandolin, and Bruce on lead guitar.

Mark then brought us a moving, uplifting tune in memory of his Uncle Emmitt, which came to him in a dream (gotta write those down right away as soon as you wake up!) Mark & Bruce swapped lead guitar licks on this cool tune. Bruce sang “Let the Dreams Begin” (I was once King of the world, but now every night I lay down and pretend, bless my soul to keep). Eddy then delivered a touching “Your Smile Makes My Smile Never Want to Go Away”  (where’s my frown – I don’t need it anymore – you turned it upside down). Mark played some fine lead guitar on that number, as well. Mark then sang “How Far is the Moon”. Bruce then brought us “Careful What You Wish For, Careful What You Dream” with Mark again strumming mandolin. Eddy then covered one of Mark’s songs “What a Beautiful Day” – a really cool song about ignoring a cold, rainy day and focusing on what is at hand (or in this case, in your arms – we made love on a rainy day as the rain washed the dust away).

Mark then brought “Dream in Blue” with Bruce playing some fine lead guitar licks (I dream in blue when I think of you…) Bruce then sang “Twelve Days” (Mark on lead guitar – written in-between marriages – I’ve got twelve days in San Francisco, and I’m getting on my way, but I’m stuck here the desert tonight – my heart’s in Santa Fe). Eddy then sang another heartfelt “Every Day with You is a Good Day to be Thankful” (I just pray things keep coming my way). Mark delivered “Under the Spell of the Living Stranger” with Bruce on lead guitar (I can hardly find the strength to tell you “no” – I can hardly concentrate – I lose all sense of space). Eddy’s next song went out to the late Troy Broome, who played keyboard with their group. “There Lies the Dress” tell it like it is – love gone wrong, here’s all the evidence to prove it, including this sad, broken man wondering how a good love can die. “Pickles and Biscuit Sandwich” was a quite interesting tune spun by Mark (everything’s gone except the shadow on the wall – I changed the lock – your key don’t work no more).

Eddy then rounded out the night with two of his biggest hits “My Wife Thinks I’m an SOB” and “This Beer’s on Me”, with both Mark & Bruce on lead guitar. These are a couple of raucous numbers that only Eddy can do so well.

What a treat it was to have these Three Amigos share their tunes with us!

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