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Feb.2014 Showcase #271

VOCAL Showcase #271. Feb. 2014

Ladies night at the showcase. Tonight’s artists were Robyn Byrdde, Nancy Rives, and Pam McCarthy. Each acquitted themselves quite well before a moderate sized audience of music lovers.
First up, newcomer Robyn Byrdde, accompanied by her acoustic guitar, performed a set of mostly slow to mid tempo folky songs, started off with “Evermore” a U2 inspired pop ballad, followed by “Out of Hand” inspired by a broken relationship. “Why Am I Becoming So Like That” was a downbeat ballad.”Hiding” a sparsely lyricked song was highlighted by haunting melodic riffs. Three more songs were followed by “Every Good Gift” a song written for a child, and closing out her set was “Loose-Happy” a slightly upbeat tune.

Nancy Rives, with guitar, has appeared before on the showcase, but tonight she presented a set of brand new songs, most inspired by a recent trip abroad. “Love Letter To Venice” included references to many of the tourist attractions in that city that impressed her. “Driven” was a tribute to her father and talked about how he influenced her upbringing. “Bepe’s Song” was an homage to the Italian boatman who offered to ferry her around a remote coastal city. Two more songs were followed by “On a Beach in the South of France” which was replete with memories of her experience (title). Last tune in the set was a rousing version of her classic Civil War song “Gabriel’s Insurrection” titled “Rise Up” on which she invited the audience to sing along.

Pam McCarthy an attractive lady with a big voice is always a delight and tonight she didn’t disappoint the audience. Appearing for the first time in public with her ukelele, which she has been playing for 5 months, Pam presented an interesting set of tunes using just her uke.. “Long Time Since You’ve Gone” reminisced over a departed lover. Tne next song was dedicated to her daughter, followed by “I’ve Always Loved You” an ode to a lover, “Sea of Trees” was a dreamy ballad with nice imagery. “Just Another Show” led into “So Hard” a blues inspired tune, with the tag “too soft to say we’re through.” Another love tinged tune “Fairy Tale” was succeeded by the first song she ever wrote, “where Will I Go Without You” which was more or less self explanatory.

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