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VOCAL Songwriter Showcase – May 2014

The May 2014 showcase drew a fairly large and attentive crowd. James Lester kicked off the evening with some fine finger-picked blues numbers: I Like Your Love – just can’t get enough – a man without love is a man that’s sad! Satisfried made me want to go home and get some good home cooking (and maybe some good loving!). Positive Song is a new number James wrote, his first effort at such subject matter. A change of heart never hurt anyone! Selfie is based on a Leadbelly tune, and is based on today’s desire of many folks to “capture the moment” on their cell phone. If we imposed a “cell fee” on selfies, would this fad disappear? Hungry Cat Blues is the “tale” of his feline companions who try to eat him out of house and home – just like my beagle, they always know when it’s time to eat! Walking in the Snow is a “gambler’s lament” tune that followed from betting your car and losing – using your feet is the only way home! Everybody Wants More is telling of the desired of so many folks today – never satisfied with what they have, always looking for more. Coatesville Blues is James’ signature song – seeing the old flame at the 20th high school reunion, but a visit to the doctor is in order to help make the blues go away. James left us with Coatesville Girl, yet another ode to the ever-eluding loving relationship of that sweet hometown girl.
Cheryl Fare and Matt Treacy then took the stage for some fine “dueting” of handcrafted songs. Don’t Blame Me (?) – the sound of your voice sounds like heaven in my ears. Wait and See is a new tune Cheryl wrote – you waited for me, now I’m waiting for you, we’ll wait and see. I Gotta Move is a great blues number with some great blues fingerpicking by Matt – I can’t be sitting here waiting for the sun to come around – I gotta move! They then played a song Matt wrote, The Dead of Night. Very strong vocals were presented here – she’s the forbidden fruit that came to me in the dead of night. Sounds like a memorable dream to me! Cheryl and Matt ended with Roll Me Under, which carried us along on a ride in the ocean – the waves roll me under and push me back up.
Matt Manion then took the stage and delivered a very passionate set, beginning with No No No, a song about a need for love, but not from this guy any more! Don’t come knocking around my door any more. Don’t Stand by Me brought us the story of his life in a band versus a solo gig – things get too complicated with all the other competing parties. He then delivered Caught in the Middle of a Power Play – just too many people are involved in the competitive spirit – too many people to pay. Life Can be Funky Down on the Pamunkey is a very picturesque tune of the natural wonders of the Pamunkey River. Very strong images conveyed the peaceful nature of this place. Looking for a Man’s Man was dedicated to Michael Sam – looking for a best friend who’ll be there until the end. The Last Man on Earth was a very evocative tune about living along in a universe of billions. Matt then took us to a hotel dance hall where everyone was enjoying the evening – some could lose a few pounds, some had already lost their hair, but everyone was having a grand old time! The Royal Roach Hotel was a true story about the oil fields in Louisiana, and staying in one of the “finer” hotels in the area! God’s Rhythm asks God to move my wooden feet and shake my clumsy body – set me free! Matt ended the evening with Don’t Need to be Perfect, a song about just being me.

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