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June 2015 VOCAL Showcase

June 2015 VOCAL Showcase

Hot weather outside and hot music inside. VOCAL’s June showcase included sets by Larry Cody, Doug Patrick and Triad. Larry Cody opened the evening with a set of original tunes. Using backing tracks for support, He opened with “(What) I Thought You Said)” an up-tempo song about miscommunication with his partner and how not listening can get you in trouble. “Almost Too Good” followed. The country ballad “Back To The Beginning” featured his brother on steel guitar (on the tracks) and was reminiscent of a Willie or Merle composition. It was very well received by the audience. For the aspiring musicians out there Larry’s song “I’m Gonna Dream My Life Away” depicted the willingness of the singer to sacrifice his life trying to make a career in music. Keeping with the music theme, “Ready For The Road”, with help from Doug Patrick, was about an ego driven musician who claimed he was too good for the radio, but much more suited for the big arenas.

Seguing in to the next, the guys reversed position with Doug Patrick showcasing his material and Larry on the side. First song from Doug on the 12 string guitar was “Leave It Like We Found It” an earnest plea to protect the environment. “Full Time Lover” has the singer requesting his lover to allow him be more of a participant in the relationship, which doesn’t seem likely. The kid’s a T-ball league terror in “Put Him In The Line-up”. Who according to the singer, should be scooped up by any manager needing a superstar in the line-up, but, of course, he’s a little young yet for the big leagues.
“Till The Boys Come Home, Again” recently featured in a play about the Civil War is a tale of two men fighting on opposite sides with their families desperately waiting for the war to end so they can be reunited. A situation not uncommon back then. He was ably helped out on the vocal by Kelly Kennedy. Musicians on the road seems to be a poplar subject for songs, and “Rivertown” holds true to that premise. In this one, Doug recounts the saga of a dis-satisfied troubadour who couldn’t make ends meet in Austin and sadly decides to return to his home town, Richmond. Closing out his set, Doug performed “I’ll Hold You As Long As I Can” which was a musical letter to (his) grandchildren promising to be there for them, to guide them and to keep them safe for as long as he is able.

Triad, as the name might imply, is a group made up of three performers, Dale and Vickie Payne and Dave Pollard. Dale and Dave do vocals and the guitar work, while Vickie adds rhythm and harmony and lead vocals as well. No question this a well practiced and tight group as their performance this night proved. (note: titles intuited) “The Mountains of Virginia” was beautiful song about the virtues of the state, based on real experience of traveling around it, with particular emphasis on the area known as Bull Pasture River in the western part of the state. Dale next presented his new song and attempt at a country hit, “Would You Take My Heart For a Spin” an analogy laden song comparing a vehicle (truck) to his heart. Dave followed with “Good Bye To My Heart” wondering, in essence, how do I go on without you after a break up. Next up was “Church of the Mind” a song inspired by street people who profess no organized religious beliefs, but more of a spiritual existence, and proclaim “Bring the God you trust” not the one you were fed. “Dear Annmarie” was formulated like a letter addressed to an old love whom the singer dearly wishes to see again, but probably won’t succeed. “Downtown Side of The Street” was an up-tempo romp exhorting the listeners to go where the action is, on the downtown side, reminiscent of the Orlons “South Street” (Where do all the hippies meet). Vickie next took the mic on “Devils Den” which was a sad tale of a woman waiting and hoping in vain for her soldier to come home from a long ago war, probably realizing it wasn’t gong to happen. “Reach Out Your Hand” was a song inspired by Dave’s sister which was dedicated to the idea of Hope. A pretty ballad “Just An Old Love Song” was followed by “Trust Your Heart” both romantically themed and the last song, from Dale, “The Power of Three had spiritual and mystic overtones commenting on how things seem to come and go in threes, especially in divine cases (Father, Son, Holy Ghost e.g.) even the fact that Triad is made of up of three individuals. Food for thought.

Overall: it was a grand night for original music in front of a highly appreciative crowd.

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