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August 2015 showcase

VOCAL August 2015 Showcase
This month’s installment of the long running VOCAL Showcase featured Glenda Creamer and Russell Lawson as the featured acts. Glenda, on acoustic guitar, opened the show with selections from her newly created “Life of Jesus” song book. The songs traced some of the scripture found in the New Testament. “My Name is John” gave us a portrait of the disciple and of his devotion to Jesus. “Wherever You Go” told about the Wedding, or pledge of love to Jesus and how He would be there with those committed forever. This was followed by the reception song “This Wine” and “the Splendor of King Solomon”. “Jesus Wept” was a tale of the death and resurrection of Lazarus. In “Let The Children Come” Glenda painted a portrait of the pilgrimage to see Jesus and the last song from this book was about the tax man “Zaccheus” and how to keep him under control. “Thank God For Each Day’ was self explanatory, and in a totally secular turnaround, “I’m a Witch Today” depicted the spells and incantations the singer thought she could put on people. After a short intermission Russell Lawson took the stage.
With Russell (guitar) were Josh Jones (guitar), a singer/songwriter from the Southwest Songwriters Association, and local fiddler Dave Berry. Tapping into a combination folk/pop set list, Russell kicked it off with “One More Drink (till I’m sober)” which told about the singer’s angst with a relationship and how he hopes drinking will make him forget that she’s gone. Josh followed up with “Let Me Stay With You” which was a plea for conciliation. “Friend” (Russ) in essence told about how we all need a friend in life. “Stars in Las Vegas” by Josh covered the history of LV from the days of natives to gangsters to big name stars. Plucking the banjo, Russell delivered a tribute to the late Pete Seeger entitled “Thinking Pete” and how he was thankful for a “mighty good life”. “Pause” (Russ) with a blues feel gave us pause to think about someone who has passed. A fiddle interlude was provided by Dave. Josh took the mic for “Synchronized Vibrations” which depicted how ethereal connections between two people can outweigh the physical draw such as “steel to an MRI”, In “Days Gone By” Russell gave us a picture of a better place waiting for us when we leave this earthly realm. “Land of Opportunity” (Josh) was a song about believing in and taking advantage of the things we have here before us. That was followed by Russell’s “”Churchill Tunnel” and “There” about all the things that happened when he met that certain someone “There was music” etc. The final song in their set was “Where Are Your Tears” which chastised a lover for seemingly to have no regrets after breaking up. “Were you faking it all these years?” he asks.
A fine variety of material gave the audience a very enjoyable evening of music and banter.

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