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April 2016 Showcase

April 2016 VOCAL Showcase

A warm crowd was on hand to witness the performances of three distinguished songwriters. Tho, there was no conspiracy among the singers, it appears as if they had similarly themed songs of love gone wrong programmed. First to take the stage at O’Toole’s was Robynne Byrdde on solo acoustic guitar. “Hidin” . a sad ballad. was about how we withdraw into our shells when love goes bad with “paint on our face disguising every trace”. I’m Sorry” is self explanatory by it’s title and lyric ” I let you down, I yelled at you”. Next, “Song of a Soldier’s Wife” depicts the longing and missing of a loved one (soldier) who is now on the other side of the clouds and she (wife) promises to reunite with him in the future. “Let’s All Carry On” lifted the emotional level in a plea that we all can overcome adversity in our lives. Lastly, Robynne performed “Moonlight” a light hearted song about moonlight and the influence it has.
Larry Cody is a long time VOCAL member who brings to the showcase his unique style of music. Starting out on guitar, his first song depicted the age old problem with communicating in a relationship. “I Don’t Think You Meant What I Thought You Said” is full of misunderstandings in interpreting messages one to the other, as in the line “I can’t read your mind”. “Almost Too Good” dedicated to his wife (Debbie) Larry almost says she’s perfect, just a little shy of it perhaps, as she’s “borderline beautiful and frequently brilliant”. Next up, “Goin’ Round In Circles” described the singer’s emotional merry-go-round after a breakup, when old feelings keep circling around back to the gone lover. Switching to keyboard, and joined on stage by Gary Shaver on alto sax, they launched into “If You Were Here” about the singer’s longing for a past love that has devastated him: “Mondays don’t come easy” and “I don’t plan for weekends” he sings. The final song in his set, “Every Way” adds a little sass to the performance as the singer celebrates his independence by breaking every rule that a past love demanded be followed. So, he’s going to leave his underwear on the floor, leave the toilet seat up, cap off the toothpaste, etc. with the attitude. that’ll show her. You go guy!
Gary Shaver continued next as a solo act on keyboard with a set of country-esque tunes from his extensive catalog, beginning with “It’s a Cryin” Shame” continuing the theme for the night about broken relationships. “Someday” was gospel tinged song about leaving this old world behind and heading upward back home. “Running Through My Mind” spoke of the singer’s longing for an old love and how he can’t forget her. Taking a break from the 4/4 beat, “I Stand Amazing” was a lovely waltz that told about how her beauty and grace affected the singer’s mind, blowing him away. “You’re Telling Me Goodbye” found the singer trying to interpret signals he was receiving from a lover that leaves him perplexed. almost as if the title were a question to which he knew the answer. To end his set, Gary
chose a song with an upbeat message entitled “Your Smile”, in which the singee’s smile “Makes my life worthwhile” and “Puts my mind at ease all day long”, which is an excellent trait to possess..
And so, the showcase ended with an uplifting message that left the audience itself smiling.

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