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VOCAL December 2016 Songwriter Showcase

The December 2016 VOCAL showcase took place amidst a festive crowd at O’Toole’s Irish Pub. This is VOCAL’s annual holiday event, where members perform at least one of their holiday-related songs. John Ellis kicked off the evening with “Me and My Baby on a Cold Winter’s Day”, an ode to simply staying inside under a blanket next to a warm fire rather than braving the outdoors. “Winter Solstice” is a very pleasant instrumental picking/strumming combination, leaving the many images and sounds of winter to our imagination.
Glen King then took the stage on keyboards and backing tracks, bringing us “That’s Not the Way” and his holiday song “New Year’s Eve With You”.
Matt Manion delivered “Quarter ‘til Midnight”, reflecting on his journey to midnight mass, passing through the toll booth, and the interactions of people along the way. He then performed a brand-new holiday song “Give the Gift”, reflecting the true spirit of Christmas.
Glenda Creamer brought us a number from a musical she recently wrote about the story of Joseph and Mary. She then enlightened us with a new song she wrote about the addiction of Christmas cookies, and how it all started with the ladies’ circle at her church.
Carey Colvin, a VOCAL newcomer, took the stage accompanied by her husband, Granger Helvey, on bass and harmony. They performed four tight, energetic numbers in perfect harmony: “Ten Thousand Arrows” and her new Christmas song “Christmas Imp”. Yes, those Elf-on-a-shelf characters can be pretty obnoxious! “The Distance Wall” and “Refugee” are from her new CD, definitely worth a listen!
Norman Roscher finished out the evening with his Clackwell band, a treat for all! “It’s a Humbug Christmas” tells the tale of the woes of not having enough moolah for a decent Christmas. “All Grandpa wants for Christmas” (a desire for a hug) was written for his grandson living in California. The next two numbers, “The Little Box”, and “Waiting for Santa”, were written as part of his Dog’s New Clothes journey several years ago. He then brought out his holiday bawdy side with “Rudolph Dead in the Yard”, followed by several holiday standard sing-alongs. At the audience’s insistence, Norman had to perform the quintessential “Boobs” to “round” out the night.
A wonderful time was had by all! Happy Holidays.

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