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2017 January Showxase

VOCAL January 2017 Showcase.

First open mic of the year drew a small, but enthusiastic crowd of admirers for original singer/songwriter music, most of which, revolved around break ups with lovers. Host for the evening was Norman Roscher at the keyboard who was first to perform. “So Long Baby, So Long” was his way to to bid adieu to a relationship gone south. That was followed by “Pictures of Irene” a touching tribute to the late mother of a close friend.
Next up, John Ellis on electric guitar, kicked off his set with “Honestly” a brutal diatribe to a broken affair with the line “You can go to hell” prominent in the lyric. “I’ll Be There” offered support for a hurting friend, and
“You Never Said You Love Me” bemoaned the lack of commitment. Long time VOCAL member Gary Shaver took over on keys and launched into “One More Time” a song wishing he could love his departed partner once again,, Joined by Larry Lyles on violin, He next did “I Don’t Believe You Anymore” which refers to the words in a letter offering him a chance to “try, ( love) again”. Saul Black, a non VOCAL member, took over on guitar and offered up a rock song “Fade into The Fire” which made reference to disappearing emotions. “Criminal Cigarettes” paid homage to pot which left the singer “out of it. “Heavy Life” was followed by “Kiss” which was descriptive of what the singer wanted in a relationship. Gary and Larry encored with a song partially composed by his late father, “Hard To Say Goodbye” about leaving those things behind that mean so much to you. Trey Hall, a non VOCAL member, took over on guitar to do a three song set, “Trouble, Trouble” was an up-tempo tune, followed by “Piney Oaks” and “Old Time Romance” that featured advice given to him by his father about how to win the ladies and what to wear while doing it. To close out the evening Norm returned to perform his popular song “You and Me and Baby” which depicted a night-time fantasy of stars, dreams and moonlight.

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