2017 February Showcase

On Monday, February 20, 2017, the members of VOCAL got together for their monthly showcase to perform pieces of their work for the audience of O’Tooles. Performers included Anthony Dowd, John Ellis, Richard Hinman, Doug Patrick, Norman Roscher, and Gary Shaver. All the performers also wanted to send out a get-well wish to one of the founding members of the group, Matthew Costello who went into surgery the week before. Best wishes Matthew and get-well soon!

The songs tonight had a couple themes, and the biggest one being love – love between friends, love between family, and love with that special someone.

The fist performer of the night was Gary Shaver with his songs: “Between Her and You,” “Burn,” “All Things Pass.” His songs held the theme of love being complicated. His first song was a story of a person being caught between two lovers, and having to learn how to choose between them. Continuing with the theme of love Gary also sang about a lover that makes their way back into your life, and we all can relate to this in one way or another. Lastly, he performed one of Matthew’s songs as a tribute to him while being out for surgery.

Next up to perform was Richard Hinman who mesmerized us with his guitar pieces on love, but a different kind of love. His first song, “Lost,” taught us that sometimes we may be lost, but somewhere we find something to love within ourselves. After “Lost” he performed his “Reggae Song” that made you want to reach out and hug the person next to you. The beat was calm and peaceful, putting us all in a good mood as we approach the spring season. That song taught us to see the love in one another. Lastly, he played a song called “Crazy for You,” that represented the beat from the swing era, and made us all feel like we were in high school involved with young love.

Third to perform was Anthony Dowd who amazed us with his jazz influenced pieces. He played several songs over the course of the night; “Family Reunion,” “Little Hands,” “Waiting for You,” Sing me to Sleep,” and a potential theme song for Rachel Ray. All of his songs dealt with some aspect of love whether it be familial or with a significant other. Each song was played on the keyboard and moved us all throughout the night with his sweet melodies.

Fourth to perform was Doug Patrick who allowed us to enjoy his guitar works: “You Never Crossed My Mind,” “Rivertown,” and “Mist on the Water.”  His songs gave the crowd a reminder that we are all getting older every day, and we have to love ourselves, each other, where we have been, and even where we are going.

The next singer/songwriter to perform was John Ellis who played his songs on the guitar as well. His songs included: “Just What You’re Looking For”, “The Stranger,” and “I’ll Be There for You.” Each of his songs had a theme of being there for the ones you love, and moved the crowd with their lyrics.

Norman Roscher was the fifth and final performer of the night to wrap up the monthly showcase. His songs included: “Fat Alice,” “You’re Beautiful,” “Holiday,” “So Long Baby, Bye, Bye.” Many of Norman’s songs leave us laughing and carefree as we leave the show, and on Monday night Norman did not disappoint. All of his songs spoke of love, but the humor of love that each of us needs every now and then. Songs like “Fat Alice” and “So Long Baby, Bye, Bye” left us laughing and appreciating the love we all share for people who may be different from us, or in “So Long Baby, Bye, Bye” the love we do not share for those same people.

Come back out to O’Tooles on March 20th to see another lovely group of performers, and enjoy the great Richmond City atmosphere!

  • Jordan Ellis

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