March 20th Songwriter Showcase

Spring of 2017 VOCAL Songwriter Showcase

Monday March 20th, 2017

*This is the 308th consecutive show: A Showcase of Original Songs


Monday March 20th was not only a wonderful first day of spring, but a fantastic presentation of original songs from members of the VOCAL organization!

john-ellis-032017John Ellis, an avid member of the VOCAL group, was the nights “surprise opener.” He performed six of his original songs for the crowd of O’Tooles which included: “Blues #1,” “Five Black Kittens,” “The Stranger,” “I’ll Be There For You,” “Chimes,” and lastly “In My Place.” Two of these songs, “The Stranger” and “I’ll Be There For You,” he has performed for us at several previous showcases, but they are always a joy to hear! All of his songs tonight were performed using his electric guitar, and programming he had been experimenting with on his computer to enhance the songs’ potential. Various other instruments could be heard in the background, such as drums, bass, and chimes.  His first song “Blues #1,” an instrumental song, started off the night with a slow beginning, but then quickly picked up the pace giving the audience a taste of rock and roll qualities. Up next he performed “Five Black Kittens,” another instrumental piece was more upbeat from start to finish compared to “Blues #1.” For some it could put you back into the 1970s or 80s, cruising in your old Chevrolet with the windows down, and spending time with your friends. One could say this song would fit into the soundtrack of the film Dazed and Confused (For those who do not know of this movie you are really missing out)! For his fourth and fifth song he took us back to some of his older pieces, “The Stranger” and “I’ll Be There For You,” which left us all feeling a bit sentimental after the high tempo pieces early on in his set. Finally, for John’s last two songs he performed another instrumental known as “Chimes,” and “In My Place.” “Chimes” was a quick, fast paced song that left the audience in a rock and roll vibe as he quickly switched to his final song “In My Place.” “In My Place” ended the night literally with a heavy, enthusiastic, electric bang!

Carey-Colvin-Granger-Helvey-032017Shortly after John performed the main event for the night tuned up their instruments to perform a twelve song set! We cannot thank Carey Colvin and Granger Helvey enough for taking their time out of their lives to come, and give the diners at O’Tooles a little treat of music. Their twelve songs were performed by Carey on the guitar and Granger on the bass go as follows: “Gulf of Mexico,” “Ten Thousand Arrows,” “Fragile Hearts,” “Let It Flow”, “Don’t Let Life Go By,” “Refugee”, “Love Have Mercy,” “Satisfy Me,” “Ricochet,” “Tropic Skies,” and “Thin Line.” Their song “Gulf of Mexico” and “Tropic Skies” left the crowd begging for summer to approach faster than it already was! Talk of sand beneath our feet, and the sun smiling down on us only sent the audience into a dream like state, dreaming of warm weather and a nice ocean breeze. Several of their songs were a more deep and pulled emotions out of us that we may not have wanted every diner of O’Tooles to see! For example, the songs “Ten Thousand Arrows,” Fragile Hearts,” “The Refugee,” “Love Have Mercy,” and “Ricochet”. These songs made us think about love, loss, gaining love, winning back love, being secure about who were are as people, and dealing with the ups and downs of life. Other songs such as “Thin Line,” “Satisfy Me,” “Don’t Let Life Go By,” and “Let It Flow” were songs that may not have necessarily drawn a significant emotion out of us, but were extremely entertaining to listen to!

Stay tuned for a list of performers for next month’s April Showcase! Once again it will be held at O’Tooles in Richmond at 8:00 PM.


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