April 17, 2017 VOCAL Songwriter Showcase

April 17, 2017 VOCAL Songwriters Showcase


Last night a great group of songwriters performed at O’Tooles! Performers included Matt Manion, Justin Laughter, and Doug Patrick. Each singer/songwriter awed the crowd with their creative music and persona. I think it is safe to say that everyone left with a smile on their face, so let us give a big thank you to these three gentlemen for giving the crowd of O’Tooles a special treat!


First to perform was Matt Manion who played six songs for his showcase of original songs. Songs that were performed included: “Job Hunting Blues,” “Hotel By The Highway,” and the fabulous “Pamunkey River Canoe Ride.” Matt’s songs for the night provided a mix slow and fast paced tempos, but they all were enjoyed by the crowd! Also, Matt performed a song called “Thank You Chuck Berry,” which featured a fellow VOCAL artist John Ellis! This particular song sent Matt out with a bang, and left the crowd feeling joyful with its fast paced beat. Thank you Matt once again for a wonderful performance!


Second on the list of performers last night was Justin Laughter who treated the audience to six of his songs as well. Many of Justin’s song were about love and being there for those you may hold close to your heart. Some of his songs included: “Remain,” “Stitch,” and “Thanksgiving.” Justin’s songs left the crowd full of love, and eagerness to go back and tell the ones we love how much we appreciate them.


Doug Patrick was the third performer of the night, and gave the crowd ten songs to enjoy in the final minutes of the showcase! Some songs Doug has performed before in front of audiences at O’Tooles, but needless to say they are a treat for everyone no matter how many times they are played. Songs performed by Doug included: “Leave It Like We Found It,” “Special Place in Heaven,” “New Orleans Nights,” and “I’ll Hold You as Long as I Can.” Every one of Doug’s songs sought a different emotion from the crowd, but nothing hit at the heart string of the audience than his song “I’ll Hold You as Long as I Can.” This song was written for Doug’s grandkids, leaving them not only something to remember him by, but the lesson that love lives on even in death. We all have relatives that we hold dear to our hearts, and wish that we never had to let them go. However, one day we must, and in the words of Doug Patrick, “But ‘til that time comes around, ‘till they lay me down / I’ll hold you as long as I can.” Cherish the ones you love while you have them here, and never forget them when you don’t.


Once again this was another great showcase! Hopefully these lovely performers will be enticed to treat us with more of their original work again soon. Until that time comes stay tuned to the VOCAL website and blog for more information on the upcoming May showcase!

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