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Carol Torricelli’s Blueprints of My Soul


Carol Torricelli, for those of you who are not familiar with her work, is a local singer/songwriter creating wonderful music in the city of Richmond, Virginia. Torch, as she is referred to by her friends, is also an avid member of the Virginia Organization of Composers and Lyricists whose members gather around to showcase their original songs.

Recently, Torch released her first album titled, Blueprints of My Soul, which is filled with original songs! To celebrate her success, I sat down to interview with Torch on Monday May 1st.


Drawing Inspiration

One of the first things that came to mind during the interview was Torch’s inspiration for her songs and album. We all have people that inspire us, superheroes, celebrities, sports starts, political leaders, etc. However, I feel that with music, we can step into another level of inspiration. Artists take from their experiences in life, love, sadness, joy, and everyday people whom they may encounter.


“This album is like a kaleidoscope of my life experiences, or blueprints of my soul. Like my father who worked with blueprints. Having an emotion that came out as a song, I had to make it tangible to put it on an album that someone could hold in their hands.” 


Torch had several inspirations that influenced her to decide to work on her first album. First, there was her father. Mr. Torricelli was an architect back in the day, who came home from a long day’s work only to continue being on the job at home. To keep herself entertained, Torch was able to see the blueprints that her father would work on outside of the office. These blueprints are like maps, they lead to something bigger than just an idea on paper. Similar to those blueprints, Torch’s songs are like the blueprints of her soul. Each song touches Torch in a different way based on her experiences and journeys.

Another inspiration Torch spoke highly of was a musician by the name of Joni Mitchell. Joni Mitchell is best known for her music during the 1970s, which can be categorized into the folk music genre. Torch describes her musical inspiration on her artist page:


 “Her song and album was a turning point, for I was driven to redirect my passions by combining classical finger picking style with the art of composing storytelling vignettes of personal feelings and experiences through lyrics and emotions of a melody, a catharsis of sorts.”  –


During the process of creating this album, Torch took inspiration from many different mediums. All of them, however, hold a special part of her heart that helped create her wonderful music.


Dreams Become Reality

Each and every one of us have dreams that we hope to achieve one day. Mine used to be to become a famous USA softball star, but that dream changed into a new one that I am still trying to reach. For Torch, her dream became a reality.


“Making an album has always been a goal of mine, something I have always had to do.”


It took several years for Torch to be able to produce her first album. With all the writing, recording, editing, and copying songs took a great deal of time, but was worthwhile in the end. When one has a goal to achieve, they must do anything and everything to make it happen, which is exactly what Torch did for her album. Not many people would stick with something for all those years in order to get to the end goal. Many decide to pursue another dream, give up, or simply abandon their goal altogether. However, someone with Torch’s motivation is not going to give up their dream. Torch stuck with it over the course of several years, with many trials and tribulations along the way I am sure. Ranging from recording issues, lyrics, and sound all played a part of the process. Those trials all made the outcome worth more than words can describe!


The Process

When following a dream in order to make it a reality, there is a lot of work that goes into the process. Torch spoke extensively about the hard work she put into producing this CD.


“…going onto Red Amp Audio to be able to record some songs. Waiting for them to send the copy, and then edit them. Working around my job (Virginia Tourism). Finding the time between work to record, get the copy, and to edit songs. Having 12 songs was a great process. The most enjoyable being with Jody Boyd (master engineer) working with him was awesome. Kind of like family, and it felt so right. I loved being in the studio. It made my life. I was high as a kite.”


Finding time to do things is a struggle we all face in our day to day lives, but Torch made a lot of time for her work. Between travelling for her fulltime job with Virginia Tourism, and making her album there was little time for much else! One thing that amazes me is her resilience to make it all happen for herself. She put her mind to something, and just stuck with it through the very end.

There are hard aspects to producing your own CD as well, and I asked Torch to clarify as to what those trials and tribulations exactly entailed.


“Hardest part was when they sent over the final copies, and hearing the little buzzes. But you can’t fix everything. Those buzzes are real. Everyone being digitally perfect is not real. Little imperfections is what life is all about. Finding a website to get the music out there (Disk Makers). Scary that there weren’t people to work with…turned out okay. Also, signing all the paper work and deeds. Understanding the law and rules of the industry.”


Torch went through a lot of effort and work to get to where she is now after the release of her album. A person earns a bit of respect when he or she accomplishes something as great as releasing a CD all on their own account. Going through both tough and good times makes a person grow stronger in terms of mentality. For Torch, this should be a good sign that once she puts her mind to something anything is possible, and we can all learn a lesson from her hard work.


Advice for Fellow Singer/Songwriters

We all can learn things from one another. For example, we can learn how to be polite, courteous, or respectful. Through Torch, other singer/songwriters can learn how to produce their own album, and understand the amount of work that is necessary to make it all work.


“First, depends on how you are recording (studio or at home). Organize and plan (3 steps). First, recording, all the final audio files, know how to upload everything. Second, be comfortable with Production Company, like the website, but keep self totally organized with your logistics because you have to pay attention to deadlines, read fine print, understand it and agree to it. Third, taking the final production from the company, take it to whoever digitizes it, release it to the world, and then sign more papers you will need to understand. Find a support system, like VOCAL, who is going to be there for support. Reach out to that support group.”


Torch’s three steps are a good guide to follow from someone who has been through the process. I know from personal experience, the best advice to get is from someone that has gone through the same doors you have, or at least similar experiences. For music lovers wishing to make their own dream of releasing an album come true, take Torch’s word. Find the studio in which you would like to produce in. Be comfortable with who you are working with. Become organized in order to keep track of recordings and songs. Be able to understand the legal side of the music business. Finally, find a group of people in which you can draw endless support from. A group like VOCAL, friends, family, or even co-workers are a good place to go to when you are feeling down, or just need someone to say “you got this.”


Where to now…

Now that Torch has finally released the CD of her dreams, what will she do now?


“So glad I did it. Huge sigh of relief, and happiness as well. My next music goal is to start writing again. Sounds like it should be a no brainer, but for me to write something I really need to be inspired. Writing a song is very cathartic. My way of dealing with the issue, the challenge, or the happiness…all emotions. The last song was a Christmas song for the VOCAL showcase two years ago 2015.”


Following an accomplishment like this it is nice to sit back and enjoy the after math. That feeling of “ah, I did it” sinks in, and one can get a high (not the smoking kind of course)! For Torch, all she wants to do is get back to writing more songs, and enjoying her time playing with close friends.


It is safe to say what a wonderful accomplishment this is for Torch! I wish her the best of luck in her future endeavors. If anyone would like to listen to Torch’s new album the link will be posted at the bottom of the page.


  • Written by Jordan Ellis



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