May 2017 Showcase

May 2017 VOCAL Singer/Songwriter Showcase

(310th Consecutive Show)


This past Monday, May 15th, the VOCAL organization gathered for another round of fun and music! It was a “short night” in terms of how long the showcase lasted. However, it was not short in terms of the enjoyment everyone felt during the course of the evening.  Performers included John Ellis, Matthew Costello, and Norman Roscher! Each member performed a short set of songs to get the crowd at O’Tooles going.

John Ellis performed four songs during his set on Monday some including: “I’ll Be There For You,” “The Stranger,” “Winter Solstice,” and “In My Place.” All of John’s songs showcased his magnificent talent for writing tunes that everyone will love. His beats treated the crowd with a variety of tunes, rock and roll, peaceful instrumentals, and slow and somber. I believe I can speak for the crowd, and other members of VOCAL who attended the showcase when I give a big “thank you” to John for his wonderful performance!

Second to perform was Matthew Costello, and he treated the audience to seven songs on Monday evening. Songs included: “Louise,” “Matters To Me,” “Train of Thought,” “Quarter To Three,” “If You Knew,” “One For The Road,” and “Diggin’ For Elvis.” Some of Matthew’s songs could have been said to take the crowd back to the 1950s and 60s in terms of beat and rhythm, but they all left the crowd feeling energetic and happy! In fact, there was crowd participation during the song “Diggin’ For Elvis” that left everyone with a smile on their face.

Norman Roscher was the final performer of the night, and gave the audience a few good laughs before the evening ended! His songs included: “I Don’t Play Doctor Anymore,” “Waiting For The Moon,” “You, Me, and Baby,” “The Train,” “I Need Your Love,” “Pig’s Party,” and “Boobs.” As many of you know, some of Norman’s songs are a bit risqué to talk about on this blog, but we all find joy and humor from listening to them!

Once again, I want to give a huge “thank you” to all three of these gentleman that took time out of their day to perform for the diners at O’Tooles! Join the VOCAL group again in June for another round of performers! Check the VOCAL blog and webpage for more details on future showcases!


  • Jordan Ellis


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