DUE TO COVID restrictions, VOCAL once again put on a virtual showcase on Facebook.

The show opened with president Matthew Costello performing “Driving” a song co-written with VOCAL member Roy Kauffman from few years back, but sounding contemporary as well.

He was followed by member Steve Nuckolls, who is a regular performer on showcases, both live when they were done and now, virtually. His set list included some of his classics such as “Sitting In With Emmy Lou” which described how he would listen to Emmy Lou Harris on a saturday mornings listening to her songs and playing along. “Gibson Guitar” details the singer’s admiration for guitar hanging on a wall in a local furniture store and wishing it was his. “Something About Your Love” is a great love song dedicated to his wife Janice and always delights the audience, “Where The Morning Glories Grow by the Road” tells the sad tale of a young love tragically cut short, this was followed by “Home and Back Road” a descriptive tale of growing up in rural Virginia. Lastly: “Six Feet Away” is a song for today’s pandemic which has the line “I’d rather be six feet away than six feet underground” for sure.

He was followed by Keely Burn one of the younger members of VOCAL, who performs and sings at the piano, in this case, though she had been known to play the ukulele on occasion.. Her song “Masterpiece” details her relationship with someone, who unfortunately is not her masterpiece. Though her “silver lining was gray” in this song, “Guiding Light” she ultimately heard a voice and felt a presence beside her, that lifted her out of despair. This was followed by “Dream Out Loud” and sadly, her final song “Broken Heart” which was drowned out by technical problems and eventually her set had to be curtailed. We hope to hear a full set of songs from Keely in the near future. Thus, are the vagaries of the internet and virtual streaming.