April 2021 VOCAL Songwriters Showcase

The April 2021 VOCAL Virtual Showcase featured our esteemed President Matthew Costello and longtime-member Dave Pollard. This was the latest of our virtual showcases using Zoom while streaming via FB Live. You can see the video of this performance at VOCAL’s Facebook Videos page.

Matthew Costello
Matthew opened the show with Matters To Me, co-written with Roy Kaufmann, a touching song about that special someone you think about all day. The Artist That Hung the Moon is a brand-new song from Matthew, one of two inspired by his recent classes with Harriet Schock. It has very colorful phrases about a landscape painter of the English countryside, with the light of night flowing onto the canvas. Train of Thought is a crowd-pleasing standard from Matthew that always draws audience participation when we’re together in a group. Another co-write with Roy Kaufmann is Dark Eyed Mystery, a haunting number about a girl who’s running scared – is it another guy, or is it me? If You Knew is a song we can probably all relate to, wondering how the one across the room would react if your true feelings were revealed. She Made You a Home is another new and very touching song from Matthew about your Mother caring for you through the years, with you returning the favor in her last years. He ended his set with his true signature song Digging for Elvis, another number co-written with Roy. Even though we were virtual via Zoom/FB, I could feel the roar of the room and foot-stomping on the floor with the audience singing along. Great job, Matthew!

Dave Pollard
Long-time VOCAL member and supporter Dave Pollard then took the Zoom stage with several of his love-found and love-lost songs that only he can spin. He was joined by fellow Whiskered-whiskey-er Jim White. The duo performs as Whiskey Business and have some mighty stellar harmonies. Comin’ Home to You is an ode to a loved one who provides that homey comfort, and someone you want to stay with forever. Goodbye asks when did your heart turn cold, and the Winter settle on your soul. How can I move on without any answers, better just say Goodbye! Better Man is a tender tune written in honor of his love Carol, saying you make me believe I can be a better man. Could it be that you see your heart in me? I’ll See You in the Fall Sometime is a vintage signature tune of Dave’s which audiences always enjoy. In the “love-lost” category, this is a very beautiful song with rich images and poetry. You went your way and I went mine – right or wrong, we paid the cost. Reach Out Your Hand is a touching, personal song about his sister when she was going through a rough time. The advice offered is fitting for us all at some time in our lives, that love will see you through, friends and family, too, so just reach out your hand! You Can Trust Your Heart is a really cool minor-chord number about the desire to bring someone into your life – You can’t trust the moon to be full on your face, or the stars to shine, but you can trust your heart with mine. Church of the Mind is another one of Dave’s open-tuning standards that will have you swaying in the breeze. Born while vacationing in Ocracoke Island, it was written by request for a church. Things are pretty loose at this church, worship when and where you like, no idols worshiped, just bring the God you trust, every Wednesday at 10! Dave ended his set with Kaleidoscope, a new song that channels the late John Prine. There’s some mighty fine finger-style guitar in this tender song which features dome really cool images and rhymes, and I think John would be proud. Happy songs in minor keys, horseshoes with no luck – the words tumble out of you and settle in the stars, so Johnny won’t you play on your guitar. Great set, Dave and Jim!

Another wonderful VOCAL virtual pandemic-defying showcase!

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