October 2021 VOCAL Songwriters Showcase

The October 2021 VOCAL Virtual Showcase spotlighted two of VOCAL’s favorite writers Roy Kauffman and John Ellis. This was another virtual showcase using Zoom while streaming via FB Live, which has been our standard operating procedure during the pandemic.

Roy Kauffman
Roy opened the evening with several of his finely-honed tunes. He deviated somewhat from his normal manner and read a verse prior to playing the song. Sad Sad World describes the state of the world today, and he sums it up well with “I feel like a pinball in a world gone to freefall”. Dream of Me is a hard-driving number asking his babe to think of him while he’s away, and they’ll be together again soon. I Don’t Know Why asks what else I can do – I’ve given it my best, but you have no interest in continuing this relationship – these gray skies just won’t turn blue. Can’t Let it Go can’t help looking back in your life, wondering if maybe you could/would have done things a little differently – trying to keep this train from running off the tracks, trying not to lose my grip. Might Keep Us in Love is a Robert Earl Keen-ish number featuring the multi-talented Roy on harmonica and guitar – you’re afraid and so am I – like Chicken Little looking for the falling sky. Maybe we should just admit that we’re in love! A Few Important Parts fondly remembers a dear friend who passed away – we’ll see you later and keep you in our hearts as we put things back together there’s a few important parts. Any Other Way describes the pleasant, comfortable life with your loved one, sitting at home, playing your favorite song. Kids are too expensive and grow up way too fast, but I wouldn’t have it any other way. Way to go, Roy!

John Ellis
John then treated us to some fine guitar and vocal work, including some of his seasonal numbers. Autumn Hours is a seasonal tune he recently finished, reflecting on the peaceful nights and tranquility brought about this time of year. Walking With Sharon is a pleasant instrumental inspired by walks around a lake with his good friend Sharon. Winter Solstice is another instrumental and is a signature song of John’s featuring his unique guitar style of delicate picking and strumming. I’ll Be There for You is a heartfelt number expressing the dedication to someone you hold very special. Put Me in My Place is another of John’s signature tunes, a hard-driving love-gone-South song that many folks can relate to. Keep up the good work, John!

Kudos to Roy and John for yet another outstanding VOCAL virtual showcase!

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